Trust Building Game


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Trust Building is an exercise that demonstrates what trust is, how you become trusted, how you lose trust and finally, how you regain it once it has been lost. Each Trust Building game includes thirty-two (32) geometric pieces of fifty (50) mil PVC, which can be interconnected through slots in each piece. The facilitator creates a prototype, or three-dimensional model, using any number of the pieces. The more pieces, the more difficult the exercise is to complete. Each team is given identical pieces, with which they attempt to replicate the model. Each team has three different roles. The first is BUILDER. Builders are allowed to touch the pieces and build the model. They are never allowed to see the model. The second role is REPRESENTATIVE. Representatives are allowed to see the model (placed in a neutral area for all Representatives to see), and describe its makeup to the Builders. They must communicate verbally only. Cameras, texts, email, phone calls, etc. are never allowed. The Third role is that of DISTORTER. The Distorter will be either a Builder or a Representative but their real job is to distort or give false information, ensuring that his/her team fails to complete the task. The Distorter is not allowed to reveal him or her self to the team. Trust Building has five (5) sets of pieces. One is for the model and one (1) each for up to four (4) teams, a CD with all directions for the exercise as well as debrief questions for the facilitator. Multiple games can be purchased at a discount. We have used Trust Building for as many as ninety-six (96) participants in sixteen teams. Trust Building is fun, injects energy into any team or leadership development program and can be completed in as little as two (2) to four (4), depending on the complexity of the model.

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