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Would your institution benefit from offering a leadership development program that elevates participants to the highest level of excellence? Look no further than the Delta Leadership’s Six Domains of Leadership Model program. Over 100,000 leaders have successfully incorporated this model into their personal and organizational leadership styles.

Based on extensive research and practical applications, developed by two professors at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, the Six Domains of Leadership Model is a proven foundation that leads to behavioral changes, resulting in the development of highly effective and productive leaders. Through the use of a 360° survey based on the Six Domains Model participants will explore specific leadership qualities needed to develop or improve skills that move them toward exemplary leadership.

Benefits of the Six Domain Leadership Program

❖ Gain insight into individual leadership styles
❖ Develop common language of leadership qualities
❖ Elevate performance of organizational leaders at every level
❖ Create a culture of leadership that drives team productivity and positive outcomes

One to Four-day Leadership Development Programs

Choose from three tiers to meet your executive education needs and budget

Let Delta Leadership help you design an Executive Leadership Program that best fits your needs and that offers a common framework and language of leadership to your executive participants.

Delta will provide certification and resource materials to prepare your faculty to facilitate the program or provide an experienced Delta Leadership facilitator to lead executives through each domain of the Six Domains of Leadership Model.

“Receiving coaching is a valuable necessity for any leader of any level. The brilliance of the Six Domains of Leadership program is that you can hone your development to a particular area of leadership. Combining the survey demographics with an experienced Delta Leadership coach will improve your overall leadership capability and is the best investment for yourself and your company.

I loved the flexibility of the program. It made easy to implement across our organization. Our leaders could work on their own unique development areas, but as an organization we could work together within a common framework and language of leadership.”
Scott Cattran
President and CEO Woolpert


Tier One

Program Content One-day Leadership Development Program (Onsite or Virtual) A trained faculty member or Delta facilitator will lead this one-day leadership development session with a focus on the Six Domains of Leadership Model and guidelines for the incorporation of the model into the culture of an organization, team or individual leadership style. Leadership resources and interactive exercises will be integral components of this dynamic one-day seminar. The facilitator will be provided an annotated slide deck and other resources for the delivery of the program. Your executive education department will receive a large Six-Domains of Leadership poster for display in the program venue. Each program participant will receive:
  • Personal Reflection/Journal
  • Guide to the Six Domains of Leadership
  • Leadership Action Deck
  • Personal Six Domains Poster
  • A Six Domains Pocket Card
  • Six Domain of Leadership white paper
  • Six Domains of Leadership 360° online survey for all participants
  • Two private coaching sessions by certified Delta Leadership coaches to debrief the final survey report and provide guidance in preparing an individual action plan for immediate implementation in the workplace.
"The Six-Domains of Leadership model offers a rich vocabulary around a very complex topic. I use the model to increase clients' understanding of their strengths and challenges. A strong leader must call on a variety of skills to be successful. Leading through change into transformation is dependent on personal leadership, relational leadership and contextual leadership"
Denise Corey, ICF Denise Corey

Tier Two

Three-day Custom-tailored Leadership Development Program A trained faculty member or Delta facilitator will lead this interactive three-day leadership development program with a focus on each of the specific domains the Six Domains of Leadership.   Additional emphasis will be on identified challenges such as leading change, leading a diverse workforce, employee recruitment and retention. Each program participant receives:
  • Personal Reflection/Journal Guide to the Six Domains of Leadership Model
  • Leadership Action Deck
  • Personal Six Domains Poster
  • A Six Domains Pocket Card
  • Six Domains of Leadership white paper
  • Prior to the seminar, attendees will participate in the Six Domains of Leadership 360° Survey, a research- based tool developed by two Duke university professors. The survey provides feedback from direct reports, supervisors, peers and other raters who have observed the leadership qualities of the participants.
  • Two private coaching sessions by Delta certified executive coaches will provide a debrief and interpret the results of the final survey report. The coaching sessions guide participants in developing an individual action plan that will expand skill levels and illustrate how changing one’s behavior or actions can elevate one’s level of leadership development to the highest level of excellence.

Tier Three

Four-day Custom-tailored Leadership Development Program

All of the content above will be included in the four-day program, but a more intensive look at the Six-Domains model and how it leads to both personal and organizational productivity and success will give a sound foundation for implementation.  Collaborating with a certified Delta Leadership coach, each participant will develop an individual leadership action plan to maximize the impact of leadership performance. Interactive team activities will part of each day’s seminar.

The capstone project for this extended program is the development of an organizational change initiative that can be implemented in the workplace using the tools and new skills identified during the program.

In addition to all that’s included in the other programs, the four-day program includes:

The Trust Game 

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