The Six-Domains of Leadership model offers a rich vocabulary around a very complex topic. I use the model to increase clients' understanding of their strengths and challenges. A strong leader must call on a variety of skills to be successful. Leading through change into transformation is dependent on personal leadership, relational leadership and contextual leadership."

Denise Corey, ICF

What I like about the Six Domains of Leadership program is that it truly is a program. When we combined my survey results with my experienced Delta coach to interpret the results, it made it easy to create a development program that could be followed and attained. Afterwards, I thought this was a program our entire company could follow. I loved the flexibility of the program. It made easy to implement across our organization. Our leaders could work on their own unique development areas, but as an organization we could work together within a common framework and language of leadership."

Scott Cattran
President and CEO, Woolpert

Those clients who incorporate this model into their DNA become truly great leaders, and I have wonderful examples of clients who are benchmarks for leadership and high performing teams within their organizations."

Geoff Grenert
Co-Founder, You Can Lead

The Six Domains of Leadership Survey is a world-class tool. There is no other survey mechanism that I have used that so succinctly captures all the essential components of leadership. It sits in a coveted sweet spot between theoretical accuracy and practical usability."

Associate Professor Christopher P. Long
Director of the Executive in Residence
St. John’s University, Queens, NY

The Six Domains Model provides my clients with a framework and a mindset that represent a broad and real approach to what leadership is and how specific actions impact their teams and organizations as a whole. The model assists them in leading up, down and to the side while enhancing communications skills, authenticity, clarity, trust and time management, among others."

Orit Ramler Szulik CEC, M.Ed.
Co-founder Make it Good One

The Six Domains of Leadership Survey is an elegant, comprehensive tool that efficiently reveals areas and characteristics of clients’ strengths and deficiencies. This information provides an invaluable framework to use in executive coaching. Together we look at results with understanding, openness, honesty, directness and perspective for the purpose of increasing self-awareness in order to enact specific behavioral changes in leadership."

Andrea Shaw

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