The Six Domains Leadership Survey (SDLS) is an online leadership assessment survey that gathers data on perceptions of a leader from a variety of perspectives, and is available in two versions. The first is for use in traditional corporate settings, where leaders interact with supervisors, peers, and direct reports. The second is designed for use in team work and study situations.

The SDLS is based on the Sic Domains Leadership model, an approach that views leadership as composed of six interrelated areas of action, each with its own effect on those being led. The SDLS asks leaders (or team members) themselves-as well as teammates, supervisors, peers, and direct reports-to rate how often they enact, or see, leadership actions in each domain. The survey also assesses each of the six related effects of leadership, to determine what actions can be taken in the corresponding domains to improve the leadership effectiveness.

Leaders often do not know how their actions are perceived. Trying to improve leadership without a good, multiparty assessment is like trying to shave or put on make-up without a mirror: it can be done, but one can also make some spectacular mistakes! The SDLS provides a safe, confidential tool for assessing leadership strengths and weaknesses. When combined with information about the Six Domains model, it can provide a clear roadmap for capitalizing on strengths and overcoming weaknesses. The online survey format guarantees confidentiality, and-in the case of teammates, peers, and direct reports-anonymity, while at the same time gathering both detailed ratings and text comments. Online, interactive display of results allows the leader to compare his or her own ratings to those of others and to drill down to increasing levels of specificity in ratings.

The team SDLS has been used successfully by individuals from hundreds of companies as part of executive education programs, and more recently by corporations and universities. The Corporate SDLS has been used successfully in Fuqua’s Executive MBA programs and in programs at OMGEO, TUV America, Corning and the Schaeffler Group, and in programs in Israel and New Zealand. The team version is currently in use at the Fuqua School of Business and the University of Washington.

To request more information about how you can incorporate the SDLS into your organization, please contact us.

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