Six Domains of Leadership Survey

The Six Domains of Leadership Survey (SDLS) is an online 360° leadership assessment survey that gathers data on perceptions of a leader from a variety of perspectives. It is a valuable tool for individuals who want to enhance their leadership skills, for team building within almost any group environment as well as in traditional corporate settings where leaders interact with supervisors, peers, and direct reports.

The SDLS is based on the Six Domains of Leadership Model, an approach that views leadership as six interrelated areas of action, each with its own effect on those being led. The SDLS asks leaders as well as teammates, supervisors, peers, and direct reports to rate how often they interact with, or see leadership actions in each domain.

The SDLS is a safe, confidential tool that offers a clear roadmap for capitalizing on leadership strengths and overcoming challenges. The online survey format guarantees confidentiality not only for the participant, but anonymity for all raters, peers, direct reports, and others.

The SDLS has been used successfully by thousands of individuals as part of executive education and in-house training by university MBA programs.

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Coaching Support

Work with certified Delta coaches.

If you have attended one of our Delta Leadership programs and have taken the Six Domains of Leadership Survey (SDLS) you know how useful the deep dive into the Six Domains of Leadership Model can be in addressing the issues you face. If you haven’t taken the SDLS we invite you to do so.

We recommend you retake the survey and compare it to your previous survey results with the help of a Delta coach. You can choose whether you want to use the self-survey or the 360° survey.


Upon Completion of your SDLS,
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