MBA Programs and Graduate Studies

Six Domains of Leadership 360° Survey is available to all
full-time, part-time, or online MBA students.


Increasingly, MBA and graduate studies programs across the higher education landscape are focusing on leadership development as part of their curriculum. By offering leadership courses, universities prepare MBA graduates to move into the corporate, nonprofit and government realms with a valuable tool box of leadership behaviors and actions that can be implemented in a variety of situations.

Participants come to understand their personal leadership style in order to build trust and a strong sense of community among both teams and entire organizations.

Benefits of the Program

Gain insight into individual leadership styles

Develop common language
of leadership qualities

Elevate performance
of organizational
leaders at every level

Create a culture of leadership that drives team productivity
and positive outcomes

Delta Leadership’s Six Domains of Leadership Survey (SDLS), a 360° leadership assessment tool, has been used by hundreds of MBA and graduate students over the last 15 years. It offers students the opportunity to gain insight into their leadership strengths and challenges, providing a clear pathway for building teams, establishing relationships with peers, clients and others in the workplace.

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