Six Domains of Leadership™Coach Certification


The very best coaches have a refined set of tools they use to deliver the top-quality support for their clients. In the arena of leadership development, our coaches tell us there is no more powerful tool than the Six Domains of Leadership™ Model. Developed by Delta Leadership founders and Duke University professsors, Sim Sitkin and Allan Lind, this research and evidence-based model provides a clear, engaging, and practical pathway for developing leadership capacity. 

What "Effect" do you want as a Leader?

A unique feature of this model is the ability to “reverse engineer” leadership. By identyfying the effect leaders want to have in any giving situation, they can work back through the specific set of behaviors that can product the result they seek. 

Since the Six Domains of Leadership™ Model was created, coaches who have used the model and the Six Domains of Leadership™ Survey in their coaching tell us it has been essential for their success in guiding clients to take action and develop their skills as leaders. This program assumes you are a well-trained and established coach. It does not cover basic coaching skills but instead focuses on the skills required to understand and apply the model and the survey results to your clients, helping them create action plans that drive results for themselves and the organizations they serve.


Complete the 360° SDLS™ and a coaching session to review your personal results.

Full access to online self-paced classes covering the SLD™ Model and the SDLS™ (approximately 6 hours of training).


Attend a two day interactive workshop preparing coaches to effectively analyze and debrief the SLDS™ for their clients.

Followup coaching to review and assess an SDLS Coaching Session for SDLS™ Certification. 

Upon Completion of the Program


Feedback and Support

  • The Six Domains of Leadership Survey 360° (SDLS)
  • Three personal SLDS coaching sessions with a Delta coach.

Training & Materials

SDL Coaching Package – Tools to use with coaching clients  

  • SDL™ Planning Guide

  • SDL™ Reflection Journal

  • The Six Domains of Leadership article.

  • SDL™ Action Planning Exercise

  • SDL™ Overview Video with Sim Sitkin, to share with your clients.


  • Six Domains of Leadership™ Survey discount.
  • Six Domains of Leadership™ support materials. 


Online Sessions Begin November 1, 2021
Tuesday, December 7 | 9am-1pm ET
Wednesday, December 8 | 9am-1pm ET

Future Class Dates

Thursday and Friday April 28-29, 2022

Wednesday and Thursday June 22-23, 2022

Saturday and Sunday, September 17-18, 2022

Wednesday and Thursday December 7-8, 2022

All Zoom sessions are 9am – 1pm ET.

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