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Delta invites you to browse through our many case studies and valuable leadership development resources such as the Trust Game, a fun exercise for team building and problem solving. Both case studies and resources may be purchased online and paid with a credit card or PayPal.

Case studies are valuable, interactive teaching aids for trainers, educators, human resource directors, and leadership development professionals that build problem solving and strategic thinking skills to address common problems that arise in workgroups and organizations.

Some of the case studies include teaching notes that are free to teachers, trainers and leadership development professionals. They are password protected, but can be unlocked by emailing:

The Leadership Resources section of the store includes Six Domains of Leadership products to assist you in developing your personal leadership action plan and to build a culture of leadership throughout your organization. Experiential exercises, the Value Deck, and our popular Leadership Action Deck are just a few of the items available for purchase.

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Help Your Team Develop

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Creative problem solving skills
  • Team building skills


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